TWIC Policy

April 14, 2009 was the official compliance deadline for the sector to implement the TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) Program. The TWIC program’s goal is to ensure that individuals considered to pose any type of threat do not gain access to secure areas of the nation’s maritime transportation system. More information can be obtained by accessing the TWIC website at

As a result of the TWIC program, all employees/visitors/contractors/truck drivers wishing to access what is considered a restricted facility must have a TWIC card or be accompanied by a TWIC escort. All of Texas Terminals LP’s port facility is considered a restricted facility according to this program. Therefore, all employees/visitors/contractors/truck drivers must have a valid TWIC card upon entering the facility. If a TWIC card is not available, Texas Terminals LP will provide an escort for a fee. Only Texas Terminals’ customers will not be required to pay this fee.

It is the policy of Texas Terminals LP to charge $60.00 per hour for any escort provided to anyone requesting access to the facility that does not have a TWIC card. The individual requiring a TWIC escort must provide an email from the party responsible for the charges to stating the name, phone number and billing address for the party which will be responsible for the escort charges prior to an escort being assigned to that individual. If you have further questions regarding the TWIC policy of Texas Terminals, feel free to contact our office at 281-457-3131.