Texas Terminals LP can accommodate a wide variety and volume of cargo through our efficient use of over twenty acres of dedicated marshalling area. All of our marshalling areas are stabilized through to the use of crushed limestone, concrete, or both. Marshalling is divided between our Dockside, Mid-Yard, and North yard areas. Over 8,000 feet of railroad sidings service our facility and provide easy access to both cargo and transportation.

Marshalling Area details:

  • Dockside yard is ~ 1,100 ft. by 500 ft and is composed of a two to six foot crushed limestone case with asphalt overlay and concrete relieving platform along the bulkhead
  • As a part of our Dockside yard we offer a dedicated high weight pad with a load capacity of 1,000 tons.
  • Mid-Yard area offers ~ six acres of storage area and access to two rail spurs of 1600 lineal feet
  • North Yard area comprises ~ 7-1/2 fenced acres for storage
  • Rail service is provided by nearly 8,000 feet of railroad sidings connected directly to the PTRA